Lesson 4 - Consistency And How To Fix Problems

What's in this video?

How to get your pouring consistency perfect... so you can get on with making awesome paintings!

In the video:

  • Perfect pouring consistency
  • Common mistakes e.g. lumpy mix, runny mix, thick mix
  • How to fix them
  • What happens when you use paint mixed with these issues


The pouring consistency pictured in this video is ideal for:

  • Flip Cup technique
  • Ring Pour technique
  • Dip Technique

NOTE* For the following two techniques you want your mix to be slightly thicker (add a touch more acrylic paint):

  • Wave Technique
  • Blow Technique

Fixing a lumpy mix

A lumpy mix is a sign that your paint mix has:

  1. Not been mixed enough
  2. Has slightly dried if it was left out for a period of time

To fix is simple!

  1. Mix it again for longer and more thoroughly
  2. When leaving out paints cover them, to fix this issue just run it through a strainer or if its still not working, start again

Fixing a runny mix

A runny mix is a sign that you have added too much pouring medium/floetrol. So just add more paint and mix again!

Fixing a thick mix

A thick mix is a sign that you have too much paint added. Simply add more pouring medium/floetrol and mix again!

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