Lesson 6 - Technique #1 - Flip Cup

What's in this video

  • How to layer your paint
  • How to flip the cup onto the canvas
  • How to cover the canvas in paint
  • How to achieve more cells

These artworks were completed by some of our beginners. Their first time doing flip cup!

Hot Tips:

  • Your painting will dry darker than it looks when you first pour the paint. This is because acrylic paint dries a couple of shades darker than when you pour it. So add a touch extra white to your paint to really make it pop when it dries!
  • When tilting the canvas, its very easy to "over-tilt" and end up with all of the paint falling off the canvas, be aware of this.
  • Try not to overstretch your cells with tilting.
  • If you think you don't have enough paint to cover the space, simply mix up another cup and flip it (or carefully pour it) onto the empty space on the canvas.
  • Colour choice - think a lot into what colours will mix well and contrast well!
  • When putting your painting away to dry, place it away from dust, too much sun, leaves, sand, wind etc. I place mine in the garage to dry on a piece of baking paper. You can use newspaper but this may stick.

Enjoy and can't wait to see what you make! :) Feel free to share these lessons with your family and friends too.

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